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    Florian Fangohr (Edited )

    Hi Rick,

    There is not currently a way to access Favorite folders in workplace window_ or mac_. But there is a good workaround for both operations systems if you're using workplace mac_ or windows_ with on demand files (aka file sync). 

    To Favorite workplace_ folders on Mac, goto Finder and:

    1. In the Finder sidebar click on the workplace_ file volume
    2. Find the folder you want to add in the Finder sidebar.
    3. Drag your folder to the Favorites section in the Finder sidebar. 

    To favorite folders in Windows File Explorer:

    1. In your workplace_ drive (Usually S:) find the desired folder
    2. Drag the folder to section in the left side of the File Explorer window dubbed Quick access

    Hope that info is useful for you!


    Florian (Product design)


    P.S.: Also know that we are working on an update to both apps that will allow searching your company files in the future. 

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