What does it mean when I'm being told a feature is being "sunset"?



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    Florian Fangohr (Edited )

    A "sunset" when referring to software, is usually when a company stops supporting certain versions. From a third party software perspective, "sunsets" can happen when the vendor itself stops supporting software, such as Microsoft dropping support for IE 9.0. 

    You can see what software workplace_ is supporting for workstations and clients here:

    PC system requirements for workplace_

    Mobile phone and tablet system requirements for workplace_

    Mac system requirements for workplace_


    If a feature inside of workplace_ is being phased out, we try make sure that there is a (better) replacement in place, but if the feature didn't receive significant use, we may not supply one. But we will always point to best practices, so please get in touch with support to find out more.

    One of those feature replacements comes to mind when you're switching from Classic Webtop to workplace web app: shortcuts. In the old Webtop we used to have shortcuts to folders, files, and websites. In the new interface, the web app_, we are trying to solve the problems in different ways, but there are solutions that do, or will, address the legacy functions of feature and more:

    1. Our launchpad search is a great tool to find any file in the web app_ on any page and it's much more versatile than a link to a file.
    2. Favorite folders now live in the sidebar of the web app_
    3. While not currently released, workplace websites_ is a feature that will reintroduce bookmarks and even websites accounts that can be saved and shared.

    We're always listening to feedback and try to plan ahead to build what you didn't know you wanted. Posting in this community section is a good way to get in touch with somebody who is working on future features to make your voice heard. 

    If you have any concerns about features that you rely on being sunset, please contact support to find out exactly what's happening, which workflows we may recommend, and what the best way is to make your voice heard if the feature is indispensable for you.

    I hope that addressed some of your questions! Thanks.

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    Pat Prince

    Thanks!  A few follow-up questions:

    How much notice will I be given before a feature is completely phased-out?  Also how will I be notified if a feature I use is being sunset?

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