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    Florian F.

    Citrix is a software company. It creates software called 'Citrix Receiver', which allows you to control applications on another computer.

    Within workplace_, 'Citrix Receiver' lets you run programs from a secure server in the datacenter. That means the computer on your desk, or on your lap, doesn't actually contain the work applications or data, it's simply used to open a window or portal to manipulate programs and files in the datacenter. 

    We refer to these programs as 'Hosted Applications'. Their benefits in the workplace_ environment are:

    • Secure environment
    • Server uptime usually guaranteed by software license agreement
    • Virus and other security software enabled
    • Hosted applications can allow you to 'reconnect' to work when you leave them running in the cloud

    In order to use 'hosted applications' you have to have a stable internet connection. Find out how to work around Citrix if you are having trouble connecting.

    Local applications are programs installed directly on your computer, so they will be native to your operating system (Mac programs for instance). Local apps are usually more responsive, but can lack the security features of 'hosted apps'. 

    Use 'Hosted Apps' through Citrix Receiver to work on confidential documents or files, or in applications that have been set up any your company for a specific purpose. 

    Hope that helps!

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    Florian F. (Edited )

    Here is an article that outlines the internet connection requirements to work reliably with Citrix Receiver and 'hosted apps':

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