Website opens in wrong hosted browser

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    Aron Derstine

    Hi Florian- please update to change “in” to “it” in following “This may cause confusion and in may, in rare cases, result...”

    Also, step 2 is not an option for Company Managers. CM cannot install any apps including browsers. Step 2 for a CM would be to submit a ticket with details of the website, the Company, the failing server (if they are able to determine- as they may not have enough rights to be able to identify servers), and user(s) affected. May need input from pods on what they need in a ticket to efficiently fix this type of problem.

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    Florian F.

    Thanks! This article does tell people to contact support if they don't know how to install hosted apps, so it can speak to anyone, even partners. But yes, that's right, it should provide all the info the pods need to set this up to cut down on back and forth in the section that prompts to contact support. 

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